The Best Sites to Learn Coding Online

The Most Popular WebSites to Learn Coding Online

The Learn to Code Online is A best thing as even basic programming skills can have a major impact. If you become able to learn coding you gain a competitive edge over your peers, you’ll be able to think more algorithmically and thus can fight for  problems without any load.

Through Coding  You can automate tasks, you’ll be able to do your Excel sheets, improve workflows,more you can extract data easily from websites. By learning coding you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with developers.



1. Codecademy

Codecademy is the best website for coders to start learning. Interactive projects and quizzes on this website offers you good experience. There are different courses for each topic like, Make a Website or Learn HTML & CSS, and learn to JavaScript, SQL, & many more couses.

2. Free Code Camp 

On this site, you will learn best skills in building real-world projects for nonprofit organizations. It serves as an open-source site that provides thousands coding challenges, projects, certificates, and connections for  coders. It is totally free of cost.

3. Codewars

There are two codings “dojo” where you’ll practice “kata” challenges to improve your skills. In this as you start succeeding, you’ll  face more typical challenges.

4. The Odin Project

This site Teaches you the skills you need for a better career in web programming. By this you’ll also come to know about Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, and many more. It also provide tools to connect you with other learners.


5. HackerRank

This site is used by millions of programmers,to hone their development skills by solving code challenges. They believe in philosophy That “learn by doing,”

6. CodeFights

CodeFights is almost identical  to HackerRank: you’ll fight strangers (and friends!) for a competitive rank.The first challenge in this is easy, but games get typical as you succeed.

7. edX

edX features unique “MicroMasters” programs which consists of a series of graduate-level courses that will help in impressing  employers.

8. Upskill

In this you donot need any previous experience  to learn coding via this,  A series of video episodes helps you & through a variety of portfolio projects, with a laid-back, conversational manner. The main objective is on full-stack web development, so that you’ll come to know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Git, Bootstrap.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the big educational platform Which offers content  on subjects from math ,music & programming.

10.  Coursera

Coursera offers online course library which features a variety of awesome classes taught by real professors. Coursera also provide specializations that will help you in getting expert in your chosen field of study.


How Kids can Learn to CODE

1.  Tynker (Android/iOS)

2. Hopscotch app for iPad

and through these apps kids can learn the basics of programming via games and puzzles.

There is also a app “Scratch” , a MIT project which helps kids to program their own stories & games .

Other applications includes :-

1.Microsoft TouchDevelop

2. Blockly

3. Alice

These are some other apps that helps kids to know the concepts of computer progamming.





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