Find Out How Much Traffic Your Website is Getting

Find Out How Much Traffic a Website Gets

For competitive analyis you must find out Traffic Visiting your page.

It’s difficult to accurately measure the traffic of a site, there are no. of traffic detecting  services that can provide you a better understanding of the crowd of a website. Here’s a list of services which will definitely help you to find out traffic statistics:-


1. Alexa

To use this service just Enter the website’s domain name. Alexa will search the ranking of that domain based on a collaborative study  of unique visitors and website views. The rank will not only based on a site’s traffic, it will be relative rank to the traffic of all other pages that are monitored by alexa but the rank you get is still a better indicative of a website’s popularity.

2. Compete

You can also use “Compete “to find out the total US traffic (unique visitors). Compete make statistics according to data obtained from ISPs, their own toolbar and other data sources to detect  the traffic.


3. Similar Web

It acts as a tool for searching  similar websites but now it also provides a wide range of data which includes traffic analysis .

4. SEM Rush

It gives a bunch of information around search traffic for any website. By Putting in the website URL, you’ll quickly know how the website has fared in traffic  search.

5. QuantCast

This is similar with “Compete” , you can use QuantCast to find out Traffic.


Google Ad Planner and Google Trends were The best tools for determining site’s traffic but they have since been discontinued. However, Now you can use the Display Planner tool of Google AdWords for estimating site’s traffic and demographics. It works as follows-

Firstly, Go to the Display Planner Tool inside Google Adwords and then sign-in with your Google Account then put the site’s domain nam in the search box, make it confirm that the Campaign is targeting to United States (or see global traffic) & then click “Get Placement Ideas.”

Google will now give you the average details per week for that domain.


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