Save Environment Go Paperless

Lets Begin Life paperless with these apps and gadgets

Digitize documents fast and easily.

As we know Today in this modern era , use of digital devices raises much but still many an professionals remains engaged in that “paper” world. This paper technology kill trees, create clutter & also its impossible to find a single document everytime in bundle of papers.

So Come On Guys, Lets take a step ahead & all we go Paperless!!

And just not waste your precious time in paper world .

With the applications and gadgets available today, you can easily digitize your papers & put them all in to drive or cloud.

Before creating  your personal paperless change, take some time to assess your current habits. Mainly, consider steps you can cut down on the amount of incoming paper. After that, once you have archived your documents and files  to launch a “Digital World” you don’t want the papers to stacking up again.

To begin,  look at all the paperwork you regularly receive by any person. Can you ask the senders to deliver all your paperwork in a digital manner?

Like, Many banks and Phone carriers  now provide entries & Statements and bills in a paperless format. & there’s much a lot of other companies Also like cable, utilities, And many more also let you go digital. In fact, going digital is being cheaper too for them .
Next, start applying this habit on a regular manner.Start Asking for everything like hotel invoice, shopping receipt, or lecture notes in Digital format.
But you don’t have to replace every paper format with a digital format.You can delete any of mails or items easily which you never read.

Scanning apps
Nowadays,  a large no. of apps offer to convert your paper documents into digital format by simply using your phone’s camera.  We’ve alot of options to find the best apps.

Let’s begin Digital World with Google Drive. In this you can take advantage of its file&Documents storage function on any digital device. Drive will automatically straighten the pictures , convert it into a PDF, and add it in to your Google Drive cloud storage. This process mainly depends on your phone’s camera quality. Meanwhile this also gives bonus which includes scanning the contents of your PDFs to make the documents texts easily searchable.

Google Drive

Another Brilliant app for scanning “Scannable.”But this app is only available for iOS devices.In this app You can easily frame your receipt, business cards, or documents. This app also lets you to save scans as JPEGs or PDFs, but unlike Drive, it doesn’t give automatic scanning of texts.  So for that if you need that feature of automatic scanning for a particular document, you could send it to Google Drive.

Scannable app for iOS

CamScanner, it is 1 of the great apps for the job & available in  both Android and iOS versions. This app lets you automatically straightens and optimizes your files to make the text legible easily . By this app You can annotate your documents and easily share the results with your buddies or anyone.

CamScanner app

Now  take a look at Genius Scan, which is very identical in style and function of camscanner which is  also available for Android and iOS both versions.This app straighten your wonky scans and helps in improving legibility and it also offers you the feature of stitching multiple documents together into a single file and share the result to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Genius scan app

Moreover, Apple’s iOS 11 offers document scanning app.


By using your iPhone simply open the Notes app, click on the plus symbol at the bottom, and then choose Scan Documents.

Scanning gadgets

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 ($189.62 on Amazon)

2. The  Doxie Q ($259 on Amazon),

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 ($411 on Amazon)

4. The Brother ADS1000W ($179 on Amazon)


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