Looking for BEST SMS app for Android ?

Looking for BEST SMS app for Android ?

The Google Play Store lists a MILLIONS texting apps that can do SMS,MMS, and so much more.
The most IDEAL options include Facebook Messenger that has texting as a side feature, TrueCaller that can identify Callers & Senders and then there’s Android Messages, Google’s own SMS app that also includes audio chats, emojis and location sharing.
I prefer minimal applications that do 1 thing and do it really well. After testing all the popular texting apps for Android, the 1
I absolutely prefer is SMS Organizer from Microsoft.
If the app is not available in your country, get the application from apkpure.com or apkmirror.com & sideload on your android phone.

SMS Organizer is a pure SMS appication, simple and efficient but with no extra bells and whistles.
Here’s a list of useful characteristic features that make this Android application a must have


When you login to a website that requires 2-factor authentication, your bank for example, they send a one-time-password (OTP) to your android mobile phone in a text message. You open the text message, copy the digits and paste into the login screen.
SMS organiser makes this process much easier for you. It detects if a text message contains an OTP and give you an option to copy the code directly from the notification menu of your mobile phone. No need to even open the text message.

Microsoft SMS Organizer will automatically backup SMS messages in your Google Drive. You can perform the backup manually and let the application do it for everyday or every week or every month. If you move to a new mobile phone later, you can easily restore your text chattings from the cloud.
The SMS ORGANIZER app automatically sorts your text messages as they come into categories like transactions, promotional, and blocked.  So all text messages from your bank or your mobile service provider go in 1 folder while the heavy messages goes into promotions.

This is my favourite feature of SMS organizer app.
You can long press a text message and it will let you define a filter for the sender of that text message. All future messages from that particular sender will move to the designated folder automatically.

If any of your text messages have a due date,
SMS organizer app will show you a notification when the due date is nearby. For instance, if your credit card bill is due, you will be automatically reminded through a notification.
SMS organizer app send reminders for due bills, travel dates, upcoming appointments and manyb more. You can also setup your own customer reminders in the app and the text of the selected message will show up on the specified date and time.

You can use SMS organizer app to send up to 30 text messages free for every month to any mobile number in India. These messages will be sent via the Internet so even if you do not have cellular data, the texts would still go out.
Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app is free to download, doesn’t include any in app purchases, contains no advertising and all the information resides locally on your mobile phone.
You can also use the IFTTT app to save your text messages in a Google Sheet or for receiving texts as an email message. PushBullet and AirDroid can also be used for viewing and responding to text notifications from your computer.

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