Apple New Software Update is Now Available as iOS 11

Apple New Software Update is Now Available as iOS 11
It has many Pros and Cons


Improved Siri✌🏻
The feature of Siri in apple is improved much in iOS 11
Siri will take the voice assistance to a better level. The upcoming Siri will help you in a much better way as it is going to be very intelligent, thanks to the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence by Apple for that. There is also a latest translation feature in Siri which will allow you to translate to different languages.


Augmented Reality
The upcoming iOS 11 comes into market with the ARKit, a framework which will let the developers to introduce the virtual reality experience on the apple Devices.

Better camera and photography
The iOS devices are also known for its photographic capabilities.There are photographers who have used the iPhones to capture the photos of an entire wedding,functions and Trips. Such is the greatness of the apple camera. This time in iOS 11, Apple has enhanced the camera by adding new professional and funky filters which will make the photos more impressive & cool. Even iOS 11 will allow to edit the live photos to increase the creativity and that includes looping, rewind and long exposure.

Apple Payments
The payments on devices are now going to be much easier than ever before in iOS devices, because the Apple has improved the Apple Pay in iOS 11 by integrating with services like Messages to facilitate the users to send and receive money directly among your friends through Messages. This is going to be very easy as you will have to use the fingerprint sensor for the authentication.

In addition to Apple payments , the Messages app will also sync your messages to iCloud.

Manual Control Centre
The shortcuts like control centre is also going to upgrade in iOS11 and will allow you to access the tools very easily. Unlike the iOS 10 in which the options are present across 3 screens, the iOS 11 has everything included in a single screen.

Lock Screen
The lockscreen and the notifications are going to be in a very cool way in iOS 11. It means that you will be able to view all the notifications without missing anything. Now users can also select the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while driving or when they found themselves busy.


Brand New Store
The App store now get a Great look in iOS 11 and it will be easier to view the apps with tabs for Games, Applications.

Auto App Deletion
The apps that you don’t use at all will be deleted automatically from your device to save the memory status. However, your data and settings will not be lost so that when you install the app later, everything will be restored.

Apple Music
After upgrading to iOS 11, the Apple Music users can detect their latest playlists and songs by checking what their buddies are playing. The private option is also available for the reserved people.

Apple Maps
Apps Maps is also going to upgrade in iOS11.The users will have the 3D feature to view the places with a great experience and navigate to the local places. The update also brings the lines outdoors. It will also provide information on where to turn besides the guidance warnings and speed limits will also be provided.

Screen Recording Feature
This is a new feature called Screen Recorder using which you will be able to record from the control center. Recording in apple devices is only a few clicks away now.

One handed keyboard

Battery Management
The latest iOS will optimize the battery usage to provide the users a long lasting experience.



The New iOS11 Software of Apple has many advantages but also suffers from some drawbacks.
Some are listed below

Supports only 64-bit
It will enhance the user experience but there are apps which are still running with 32-bit versions. This feature of iOS11 come in front as its major drawback.

New App Store
Due to the latest look of the app store, it will be easier to search the popular and demanding apps, but finding the less popular apps will be difficult. The thing about the less popular apps is that some of them could be more useful and make wonderful works even though they are less popular.

Not compatible with the Older models of iPhones
The support for iOS 10 starts with iPhone 5 and surprisingly the company has stopped the support of iOS 11 for devices like iPhone 5, 5C and the 4th Generation iPad.


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